Toddler Activities

Purposeful Play & Sensory Silliness brought to you by a Mediocre Pinteresting Mom 

Welcome! This page will inspire you with activity ideas to help you and your little think outside the box when it comes to PLAY!

This page is in the process of being updated, so be sure to check back! For now, you can check out our seasonally related activities below:




October Series

Spider-Web Pumpkin Patch
Mess-Free Pumpkin Painting
Fall Sensory Fun
Harvest Magnet Scene
Fall Cookie Fun

Non-Seasonal Inspiration

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  • Encourage the art of lingering: Let them get bored, rotate toys around and limit choices, model playing with something in a different or creative way. 
  • Set up play stations around the house: I do things like set up block towers and then quickly move a load of laundry over while they are busy recreating Godzilla.
  • Teach Cooperative Play as early as possible: Find simple activities your children can do together and invest the time in teaching them that activity.

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