The Stone Twins turn TWO

Yesterday we celebrated two whole years with our darling daughters. Birthdays are great for so many reasons, one of them being a time of reflection.

Parenthood has a way of messing with our sense of time. The nights of broken sleep seem endless. The hours of feeling relentlessly needed seem like slow ships passing by. Yet, we blink and a year has passed.

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Surviving Toddler Meltdown Mode

For those of you who are new here, my name is Sharon. I have twin girls that are nearing the “dreaded” 2 year mark. You could say that our days are full of a tantrum or two…or twenty. Add in the fact that both of my daughters have delayed communication skills, then add a spinkle…

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Decorating with Toddler Elves: Teachable Tuesday

Happy Teachable Tuesday, Friends! First, I want to extend a SUPER special THANK-YOU to Spencer at for taking over some of our latest Teachable Tuesdays. Isn’t she great!? What a gift it was to be able to focus my energy on our move, while knowing you guys were in her very capable hands. Thank…

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