Potty Training: Focus on the Child not the Method

I used to potty train clinically. So, when it came time to training my own daughter, I thought I had it in the bag.


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The Stone Twins turn TWO

Yesterday we celebrated two whole years with our darling daughters. Birthdays are great for so many reasons, one of them being a time of reflection.

Parenthood has a way of messing with our sense of time. The nights of broken sleep seem endless. The hours of feeling relentlessly needed seem like slow ships passing by. Yet, we blink and a year has passed.

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Messy Mama

People always want to know how I survive being a twin-mom. While I am not particularly fond of that wording, because my daughers’ are not equatable to a natural disaster, I understand what they are trying to ask. How does one person take care of the needs of two tiny humans at all times. The…

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