Stop saying you will pray for me

After spending 15 years in the Bible belt, I have heard my fair share of “Prayin for ya.”
Don’t get me wrong, my faith is the most important part of my life. That statement though, which I used to habitually say, is cringeworthy to me now.
We all know SAYING and DOING are too separate things, and I think we can agree that this saying is now over said but under utilized.

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Potty Training: Focus on the Child not the Method

I used to potty train clinically. So, when it came time to training my own daughter, I thought I had it in the bag.


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When Trauma Touches Your Life

Have you ever felt like you’ve moved past something, and then suddenly your blindsided? Pain, past memories, or fears hit you again and again like relenteless waves. Trauma takes a strong grip on multiple layers of our lives. If we are not careful, it can suffocate us.

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