Miracles Happen

Have you witnessed a miracle lately? You are about to right now.

I used to think miracles happened to those who believe, but my husband and I did not believe. We stopped praying, we pushed the dream out of our heads, and we moved on. I do not know why God chose to be so incredibly gracious to us, but He did.

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Christianity & IVF: The Alternative Protocol

How can you be a Christian and still have done IVF?  First, let me start by saying that my husband and I cling tightly to the Gospel. As a result, we believe that a life is not defined by capacity. We treasure ALL life: the unborn, individuals with special needs, the elderly, I think you…

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You are not bread dough: How to advocate for yourself and your twin birth plan

Hey everyone, Surprise! You’re getting a new blog post on a Wednesday. Don’t worry, Friday is still are “go-to” day, but this week is just a bit different! Two reasons: 1) I have the amazing Amanda Fagan with us on Friday as a guest-writer and 2) I thought this post had been published already when the…

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