My Dramatic Pregnancy by Kimberley

My story doesnโ€™t end there though, my pregnancy was anything but easy.

Iโ€™m not embarrassed to admit that I struggled a lot with perinatal depression.

I was too scared to become attached to the pregnancy for the fear of losing the baby. I was also incredibly sick.

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My Postpartum Story by Mariah

It all happened so fast.
Or did it?
There is a constant battle in my heart on whether or not this journey of mine could have been prevented – or in the very least could have been different.
Should I have been more prepared?
But can anyone prepare for something like this?
This journey through postpartum depression, my story, actually began far before I even realized it.

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I Should Not Still Be Here

I have been watching myself die slowly for months, but last week, death almost won.

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