WARNING: Do Not Skim Read This

Fight the temptation to skim this article. I will try to keep this short, I promise. Have you ever stopped to notice how often you skim read? I have, and it scares me.

Skim reading used to be a, something that helped us search for information and learn faster. Today, skim reading tends to be our go-to

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Messy Mama

People always want to know how I survive being a twin-mom. While I am not particularly fond of that wording, because my daughers’ are not equatable to a natural disaster, I understand what they are trying to ask. How does one person take care of the needs of two tiny humans at all times. The…

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Ponderings and “wisdom”of a 30 year old, beardless man

Preaching to the choir… of men.  As of the posting of these words, I will have aged into 3 decades of existence on this quaint little blue orb we endearingly call Earth, hurling around the galaxy at approximately 67,000 miles-per-hour around our sun. It’s all relative. First paragraph in, and I’ve already digressed spectacularly. I…

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