Miracles Happen

Have you witnessed a miracle lately? You are about to right now.

I used to think miracles happened to those who believe, but my husband and I did not believe. We stopped praying, we pushed the dream out of our heads, and we moved on. I do not know why God chose to be so incredibly gracious to us, but He did.

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Infertile Holidays & How to be Supportive

Empty arms and silent hallways are a constant ache in your heart when you are waiting for a baby. When the holidays hit, it’s like your pain increases tenfold.ย When you are battling with infertility it is hard enough to survive the holidays, let alone actually enjoy them. Why do the holidays make it that much…

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Christianity & IVF: The Alternative Protocol

How can you be a Christian and still have done IVF?ย  First, let me start by saying that my husband and I cling tightly to the Gospel. As a result, we believe that a life is not defined by capacity. We treasure ALL life: the unborn, individuals with special needs, the elderly, I think you…

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