My Dramatic Pregnancy by Kimberley

My story doesnโ€™t end there though, my pregnancy was anything but easy.

Iโ€™m not embarrassed to admit that I struggled a lot with perinatal depression.

I was too scared to become attached to the pregnancy for the fear of losing the baby. I was also incredibly sick.

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Ellie’s Birth Story

October 10th 2019 was the day our Ellie decided to deliver herself. That’s right, you heard me. Our little girl made the most shockingly beautiful entrance into the world. After months of us fighting to stay alive through severe HG, Ellie basically said “I’ve got this, Mama.”

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Hyperemesis: A longer word for Torture

Imagine always being hungry, but eating literally anything makes your body sick.
Picture thirsting for water constantly, but even water sends you running for the toilet.
You are supposed to be glowing and showing off your cute pregnant belly, instead you’re watching the bones in your chest pop through as your body is wasting away.
If you are easily squeamish, this post is not for you strong. I cannot share about my daily reality in an honest way, without talking about things that are normally taboo.

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