Big News and Building Roots

We have some WONDERFUL news to share with you (again!) Before I get to our announcement, I want to quickly recap where we have been.

If you have been following our family for awhile, you understand that our “norm” is chaos. From medical complications to cross-country moves, we haven’t been “settled” for several years.

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What a Cross-Country Move Taught Me

Outside my window is a winter wonderland. Snow is covering the ground and resting on branches. Smoke from the neighbors chimney is bellowing up and fading among the trees covering the mountainous terrain. The coffee is warm. The twins are sleeping, and the only noise filling the quiet house is the washer and dryer. I…

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Flying with TWO Toddlers

For those of you who are new with us, I am referencing a recent move from Texas to Washington state.
It involved selling our home and most of our furniture, packing everything up into storage, 8 hours of flying with toddlers for me, and 40 hours of driving for my husband and my brother.

Here is a list of what we learned helped (or hurt) when flying with our 17 month old twins.

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