Countdown to Christmas with 7 Days of Gratitude: DAY 2

Plan A was hand written thank-you notes. We could not have made it through 2019 and my battle with HG without an army of helpers. Then real life happened, and we are all the way at Plan C: Public Thank Yous.

I hope you join me here as we countdown to Christmas by thanking all of you who have walked with us this year.

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Merry Christmas to YOU!

I am going to keep this short and sweet. We have all been struggling with the flu over here, so I had to throw the plan for this weeks blog out the window. Real life is messy, can I get an amen?  I wanted to wish each of you a VERY Merry Christmas This blog was…

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CHRISTmas Traditions: The Least of These

Christmas is NEXT WEEK! I know the To-Do list is extra long, the Christmas parties are back-to-back, and you are all probably pretty exhausted. Now, more than ever, is the time to pause. What we fill our days with points to what Christmas is really about in our hearts. Is Christmas about THINGS?  Is Christmas about…

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