Top 10 Items for the First Year with Twins

Deciding what to put on your baby registry is overwhelming. It seems like everyone has an opinion on everything, and then there are those who do not pay any attention to your registry anyways.. so as a new mom, I was left with a lot of things that went unused. So, I decided to offer…


Survivors Guilt: From the Mom who did NOT #webeatinfertility

You “survived” infertility, so now what? Infertility is ridiculously painful, and so you got through it by clinging to your fellow sisters, and forging incredibly close bonds over shared experiences. You know, those people who will never tell you to “Just relax” or ask you “Why don’t you have kids yet?” You felt heard, understood,…

Our Infertility Story Part 1: How we became Google’s Top 3

We both eventually exhaled, because it felt like we had been holding our breath for hours. Neither of us were okay, and we did not know if it would ever be okay. We just knew in that moment that we had to inhale and exhale. So there we sat, literally focusing all of our efforts on simply breathing...and with our last ounce of strength, we decided to trust that God’s plans were better. They just had to be.