Feeding Toddlers

Meal ideas from a Mama of twins with severe allergies and eating restrictions







Carrot Crips + Spinach with Apple Dressing + Avocado & Ham Wraps


Sticking plates for “throwers”
Placemats to reduce the mess when you eat out!

These are perfect for weaning toddlers from bottles!


🔹Eat everything they eat, which helps them try new things because they always want to imitate us. 🔹Find something they like (eggs, pasta, etc.) and I use that as a platform to introduce new foods or mix-in veggies. 🔹If that fails, I take one of their favorite sweet things (yogurt or applesauce) and use that as “sauce” with their meal. 🔹Try something new every single week. 🔹Keep it simple. With two mobile toddlers, I don’t have a lot of time to make meals. I usually have a pasta and two different proteins prepped for the week for our lunches. Then I mix it up with different veggies or spices. You can still eat clean if you just do a little bit of prep work! 🔹 Do not give up if they are hesitant or don’t like something at first. If you stop providing unhealthy alternatives, and only offer similar healthy choices to whatever item they are rejecting, they will develop better cravings. Grace and patience go a long way! If you want more tips you can check out my blog post Feeding 101.