Stop saying you will pray for me

After spending 15 years in the Bible belt, I have heard my fair share of “Prayin for ya.”
Don’t get me wrong, my faith is the most important part of my life. That statement though, which I used to habitually say, is cringeworthy to me now.
We all know SAYING and DOING are too separate things, and I think we can agree that this saying is now over said but under utilized.

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Countdown to Christmas with 7 Days of Gratitude: DAY 2

Plan A was hand written thank-you notes. We could not have made it through 2019 and my battle with HG without an army of helpers. Then real life happened, and we are all the way at Plan C: Public Thank Yous.

I hope you join me here as we countdown to Christmas by thanking all of you who have walked with us this year.

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