About Us

My name is Sharon Stone, and no…my parents did not do that to me, marriage did! My precious family consists of my wonderful husband Richard, our twin daughters Lani & Libby, and our sassy dog Riley. As you might expect, having twins makes our family quite the spectacle anytime we leave our home, but that is not what I love most about our story.

God has woven a tapestry of grace through our war with infertility (I don’t say battle because that implies an end,) and the dark trenches of NICU life and long-term prematurity struggles. From great loss and pain comes even greater appreciation.

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I may be the mom who never has an umbrella when the actual storms of life hit, but I am also the mom who always wears gratitude, come rain or sunshine!

  • If you are new here I invite you to read my featured first blog posts titled “Commitments” and “Survivors Guilt” to get started. There is freedom in vulnerability, so let’s share this space together!
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