Countdown to Christmas with 7 Days of Gratitude: DAY 2

Plan A was hand written thank-you notes. We could not have made it through 2019 and my battle with HG without an army of helpers.

We call you all Ellie’s Angels.

Then real life happened, and we are all the way at Plan C: Public Thank Yous.

I hope you join me here as we countdown to Christmas by thanking all of you who have walked with us this year.

I will update the GH each day by sharing just a smidge of the overwhelming gratitude we have in our hearts.

After battling a chronic illness all year, we have so much to be thankful for…starting with YOU!

DAY 2: Food Providers

Food is central to our culture, home, and daily interactions. That may sound like an exaggeration, but six months without being able to eat proved that to me.

It HURT to not be able to prepare food for my family.
It felt isolating to gather anywhere people were eating.

My toddlers begged me to eat because even at 2 years old they understand the value of food.

Then Ellie’s Angels stepped in.

Some of you brought meals for my family.
Some of you prepared lunches for Richard to bring to work.
Some of you did our grocery shopping for us.
Some of you drove hours out of your way to bring Chick-Fil-A to me when you learned it was my only safe food.

ALL of you were the hands and feet of Jesus to us.

Thank you for tenderly caring for my family. Thank you for meeting the needs I could not. Thank you for providing food and your love.

DAY 1: Followers & Amazon-ers

Thank you for following our story. Thank you for praying us through the darkness.

Every message, every word of encouragement, it all mattered so much.

I would often read through your letters while laying on the bathroom floor. My body too exhausted to move after vomiting, but my heart quickly being rebuilt by your affirmations.

Thank you for seeing our needs and meeting them.

When I posted our Baby Registry, I had no idea what to expect. The next week was full of an outpouring of your love.

Opening the door to see gifts, instead of my HG medication boxes, I was undone.

We went from having NOTHING we needed for Ellie’s arrival to having everything we need. All because of YOU!

I have saved every little note from your gifts and am putting them in Ellie’s baby book.

I want her to see the army of angels that were and are rooting for her.

Thank you all again! I so wish I could thank each of you individually with a note and a hug. You are all so special to my family!

May you have a truly wonderful Christmas!

Please join us tomorrow as we continue to thank Ellie’s Angels!