FAQ’s since HG and Baby

You asked, and we answered. Here are your top questions including HG recovery, life with 3 under 3, and our holiday plans!

This post will very briefly update everyone on various topics. My plan is to return to these questions and answer in greater depth over the next few months.

How is my HG recovery going?

Physically, GREAT. Mentally, a work in progress.

I am eating and drinking again, which is AMAZING! I am back to working out and getting outdoors with my family.

The tricky part is, most foods make me exceedingly anxious.

TMI WARNING. My HG was so severe that I wasn’t able to digest food before it came right back up. Meaning, I know exactly what food tastes like in reverse.

I look at food and that taste immediately enters my mouth and I don’t want it. My diet is pretty restricted to whatever I never tried during my pregnancy, which isn’t a whole lot.

Why didn’t I just stop eating during HG? Becaues tube feedings don’t remove hunger. Nothing changes the fact that your mouth still craves chewing, and your stomach still wants to be full.

So here we are…patiently waiting for time to heal what months of violent vomiting destroyed. The best medicine?

Looking at my beautiful baby girl.

What did I do with my leftover HG supplies?

Ellie and I required SO much medical intervention to stay alive that my entire linen closet, TV stand, and kitchen counter was taken over with supplies. It was insane.

My parents graciously bought us a mini-fridge to house all my TPN and medications.

We donated all of my medical supplies to the angels that kept Ellie and I alive. Without our All Heart Infusion family, we would not be here.

Renae and her team are constantly providing EXCELLENT medical care that they make affordable for everyone. A third of their care is provided for free via their charity network. It’s not just small deeds, this team is the embodiment of HOPE.

Ellie’s guardian angels

How are the Twins adjusting to Ellie?

Lani and Libby LOVE their baby sister. They won’t go to sleep without “Elwee snuggo.” They say “lob you” to her, and no one else. If she cries, they drop what they are doing and run to her side.

Do they crave attention like any other toddlers do? Of course. The love is there though, and that covers any small episodes of jealousy or frustration.

How are we adjusting to being outnumbered?

It is chaotic. It is loud, messy, and often resembling a circus. We wouldn’t change a single thing.

We are currently taking a children discipleship class through our church to help recenter our focus.

The laundry can sit in baskets. Dinner can be cereal. Plans can be missed or postponed.

As long as our children know the love of Jesus, and we strive to reflect that love through our parenting, then we can go to bed exhausted and at peace.

What are we doing for the holidays?

Keeping it close to home. Why? Many reasons.

We have a newborn during flu/rsv season.

We haven’t been able to do family stuff for almost the entire year. We tried, but my vomiting tended to ruin the moment.

Lastly, our family made it super easy for us to avoid traveling.

My parents live here now. The girls’ adopted Grands came to visit us. Everyone else is still spread across the country, but we make it work through FaceTime.

We are hoping for a white Christmas, and plan on enjoying everything our winter wonderland home has to offer!

Most of all, we are going to just be. Gratefully taking each other in, and setting intentions for 2020.

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