Ellie’s Birth Story

October 10th 2019 was the day our Ellie decided to deliver herself. That’s right, you heard me. Our little girl made the most shockingly beautiful entrance into the world. After months of us fighting to stay alive through severe HG, Ellie basically said “I’ve got this, Mama.”

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s go back to the beginning. I will keep this concise so that you can get to watching our birth video!

Why I had a 36 Weeker

My goal was to make it to 38 weeks before allowing any medical assistance with labor. When I went for my 36 week check up though, my OB kindly guided me through a change of heart.

You see, Ellie was trying her hardest to come. My body was attempting to start labor over and over, but was too worn out and shutting down to make it fully happen.

We decided to stop all labor-preventing medications and let my body go.


Labor started at home as my Makenna injection began to wear off. I waited out going to the hospital until our agreed upon “induction” time. I used quotations because this was not a typical induction.

Playing with our twins during contractions.

Induction time came, and off we went!


They hooked me up to the monitors and sure enough, my contractions were regular and strong.

In the middle of the night my contractions slowed down after long bouts of vomiting. We decided to go ahead and use a small amount of Pitocin to help my body push on.

I changed out my own TPN and the nurses ran extra bags of fluid. My body was SO dehydrated no matter how much fluid they gave me.

This matched what we already knew, my liver was in distress. This further validated our decision to stop holding my body back from labor.


My OB came to check on me, and I had progressed well. Even after they shut the Pitocin off!

He broke my water, which was not clear. This was sign number 2 that we really needed to get Ellie out!

Labor really got intense after this, and I began vomiting uncontrollably every 2 minutes.

Vomiting during and in between contractions is the most intense pain I have ever experienced in my entire life.

Epidural please!

Epidural Fail

Apparently when you vomit 10-30 times a day for your entire pregnancy, your spine gives up. My anesthesiologist tried EVERYTHING, but only the left side of my body felt any relief.

My entire labor was spent half numb, and half in hell. My left side could not move, while my right side was in total agony.

As we got close to pushing, everyone agreed I wouldn’t be able to push. I was entirely spent.

We decided on a medically induced nap for an hour. The meds would wear off just in time to start pushing, and I could get a much needed break. That was the plan anyway…

There’s a Baby in my Bed!

I woke up to feeling pressure. Perfect, I thought, it’s go time!

The nurse ran in and said “Baby is off the monitor, I need to adjust it.”


The nurse turned white, threw back the covers, and there she was.

Ellie was already halfway out, so the nurse and I caught her and pulled her onto my chest.

Shock doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt. Everything after that felt like an out of body experience. The room flooded with people, all making sure Ellie and I were okay.

We Survived

After some CPAP (breathing support) Ellie was placed back in my arms.

There were two very important things I needed to tell her. Instead of telling you, I’ll show you.