My Hero and St. Jude

I want to tell you about my hero.
Someone I will be forever connected to because we now share bone marrow.
Someone who has faced more than any child should ever have to, and now wants to give back to others.
Someone you can join me in trying to support.
My hero, Charlee.

Charlee after her bone marrow transplant

Allow me to briefly recap where our paths crossed.

June 2014

I was able to donate bone marrow to Charlee, in honor of my beautiful friend, Natalia.

Natalia did not find her match in time, but her life forever changed so many. It was at a drive held in her honor that I signed up to be a donor. She will never be forgotten.

Donation day! At the time, all I knew was that a precious 3 year old girl needed something I could freely give.

You can sign up to potentially save a life by visiting Be The Match

Thanks to Be The Match and St. Jude, SO many lives are saved every single day. In Charlee’s mother’s words,

As most of you know, St. Jude saved our kidโ€™s lives as well as thousands of other children on a yearly basis! Thanks to donors, St. Jude can also sustain vital research regarding many types of childhood cancers. They are committed to finding cures for the rarest cancers and blood diseases! Most importantly St. Jude never sends a bill to their families! We are forever grateful to be a part of the St. Jude Family!

You read that correctly…families NEVER get bills.

Charlee AND her brother, Brady, both endured bone marrow transplants in June. After an extensive recovery period, they both are thriving amazing children.

Here’s where you come in…

Charlee and Brady are walking to raise money for St. Jude THIS SATURDAY (9/21/19). They want to give back to the people who became their family.

You can support their team by clicking HERE.

I know there are so many good causes out there to give to, but please consider this one. This family is so precious to me. I want to support their efforts to help other heroes, just like themselves!

If you have questions about the donor process, please contact us!