Documenting WITHOUT Social Media

If you are in my generation, we have the first group of children to have their ENTIRE lives documented on social media. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it is important to look ahead.

If someone handed you a device with thousands of photos of your life growing up, would it overwhelm you?

As the parent, will you be able to sort through and remember what memories are behind each photo?

If you’re like me, the answer to that second question is a resounding NO.

NON-Digital Documenting Matters

I have photo albums that are invaluable to me. It is such a treat to share the highlights of my childhood with my husband and my children.

For me, documenting is about keeping memories alive with special people that my children never got a chance to meet. We are quickly losing multi-generational richness in our family tapestries.

So record your Grandfather’s journey from another country, and protect those film photos with names and dates etched on the back.

Here are a few ideas to keep treasured memories from getting lost in a sea of digital photos.

Write Letters

We don’t typically write letters anymore, but that’s what makes them so special. Even typing your words and printing them out gives a tangible keepsake.

Here’s what we do as a family: Birthday Letters for a 18 Year Birthday Gift

We write letters every year for our children’s birthday.
We email them to their email accounts we made.
We will print them out and present them as books before our children move out of our home.

Here are some examples below.

Introduction Example:

Answering “What I want you to know” question example.

Yearly or Event-Based Photo Albums

You are busy, trust me, I get it. That’s why setting a reasonable goal is so important. Try to do just one album per year, or per huge family event. Look for platforms that make it super easy for you.

I am SUPER excited to share a company with you guys that makes the process easier than any other out there.
You buy a book, use their app to answer questions, and then they put everything together for you!

I had honestly given up on the idea of giving baby E a memory book. How could I make the time with 3 children under 3? Then I found The Short Years.

Everything is included. Formatting, printing, the works. You get 138 pages that they design for you.

As someone who has started off a book on a “cheaper” site, only to find out the book was exponentially more expensive if you want more than 10 pages…trust me…this is so worth it!

I will be sharing more about them as I go through the process with Baby E!

For now, check out their app for free!

Whatever you decide to do, just be intentional about it. Set goals, and fight to keep your favorite family memories alive.

Your Turn

I would love to hear from you! What are ways that YOU create keepsakes for your family? Leave a comment below or Contact Us to be featured.

The twins love their canvas print from Deb Evans Photography