Surviving Toddlers ON THE GO

Welcome to a fun twist on our typical product review posts. I realized something as I was looking back at what items we have used with our two year old twins.

EVERY item used the most in the past six months involved being on the GO. How perfectly fitting for toddlerhood, right?

I am outnumbered by toddlers, so I needed items to help match their energy.

Here are the items that have made my family’s lives easier!

Radio Flyer Deluxe EZ Fold 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

This trike is PERFECT for any toddler that wants a “big kid bike” who also has a parent concerned about safety. *Raises Hand* My twins constantly were asking for bikes, but their coordination simply wasn’t quite there yet.

Your child can pedal fast while they are still kept absolutely safe with a harness and guard. As your child’s skill increases, this trike grows with them. There are multiple removable pieces that transform this trike into what all the “big kids” are using.

Happy toddlers that feel like they aren’t missing out. Happy Mama for not having to worry about multiple falls or injuries.

This trike also includes a handle for an adult to push their child without hurting their back from bending over! Plus, who doesn’t love a sunshade and avoiding the battle of putting on sunscreen?

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller, Graphite Black

This stroller may be on the expensive side, but it is WORTH IT. We were super blessed to be gifted ours, after it had already withstood three other kiddos. You guys…it still looks brand new and works BEAUTIFULLY.

If you want something that will last and is easy to use across all terrain, I highly recommend a BOB stroller. We use this to take the twins everywhere, and they love it!

There are so many pockets and ample storage space! We can ditch the diaper bag and fit all of our essentials. 

The twins are also kept perfectly shaded in this, with a peek through window on top for us to check on them. 

Love Heart Doll Umbrella Stroller

If you have a daughter, this baby doll stroller is the way to go. Here are my top two reasons for why these are a must have:

  1. Pushing a stroller around ties up busy little hands. We have gotten in and out of so many stores without tantrums over wanting items. The twins have so much fun being “big girls” by pushing their strollers that they are far less likely to grab a stuffed animal off the shelf and scream for it. #MOMWIN
  2. Pushing a stroller you own through the store is better than introducing them to small shopping carts. Why? Because you can bring their play stroller anywhere. Mini shopping carts are only at certain stores, so tantrums will likely ensue when they are not present. You can also practice “walk by me” at home, instead of chasing after a toddler experiencing the joys of pushing something for the first time.

Need I say more?

Last but not least…

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Studio

I know I have mentioned how much I love these carseats before…but over a year later, I still love them!

Not only do they have top marks for safety ratings, but they are also easily washable. Let me repeat that, ONLY BUY WASHABLE CARSEATS.

As a Mama who JUST washed her carseats this week due to a carsickness episode…please do not make the mistake of getting a carseat that requires a degree just to clean.

Keeping my kids totally safe, check. Surviving toddler messes in the car, check.

We got our Graco 4Evers at a Target Carseat Event.

Pssst, the next one is happening September 2019!

Basically, you turn in your infant carseat for a convertible one and get 20% off. 

We hope you enjoyed our look back at what we have used the most for 2 year old twins. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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