Happy Independence Day!

We want to wish America a Happy Birthday! We hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating!


July 4th will always be special to us for many reasons. This was the very first holiday we got to celebrate together, as a family of four.


Libby had JUST gotten over a terrifying infection, and the NICU let us have some time as a family to celebrate.


We spent July 4th in our home in Texas. Richard was in the middle of job hunting, to move forward in his career. I was busy packing up our house to get it ready to show. It was nice to step away from the chaos, and just have some fun!


Barbeque, sunshine, and giggles!


Our celebration looks a bit different this year. Due to my health, we are pretty limited on what we can do as a family. That won’t stop us from enjoying our time together, though!

We are soaking in our time with the twins and their blossoming independence. We will *hopefully* be potty training Lani over the long weekend!


We will be celebrating as a family of FIVE!

Today and always:

We are grateful…

For those that have served or are serving our nation, thank you for protecting our freedom.

For those that are working in law enforcement and fire fighters, thank you for keeping us safe.

For those working in the medical field, thank you for keeping us healthy instead of being home with your families.

Happy Birthday, America!