Big News and Building Roots

We have some WONDERFUL news to share with you (again!) Before I get to our announcement, I want to quickly recap where we have been.

If you have been following our family for awhile, you understand that our “norm” is chaos. From medical complications to cross-country moves, we haven’t been “settled” for several years.

That’s why my intention setting word for 2019 is ROOTS. We wanted to rebuild what was torn down, to grow where we have been newly planted, and to create our family legacy.

Timeline Recap: UPROOTING

Now for the BIG NEWS!

The plan for my parents has always been to retire somewhere other than Texas. Richard and I are BEYOND blessed that they chose to join us in building roots in Washington. They have made countless sacrifices along the way, none of which we take lightly.

As if that wasn’t enough, they even expedited their moving plans the moment I called them to tell them I am pregnant again.

Family First: Planting Roots

For my parents, retirement (which actually hasn’t fully happened yet, my dad is still holding down a job in Texas) didn’t look right without their children and grandchildren.

For Richard and I, raising our children didn’t look right without the generational richness of doing life with our parents. So we prayed, and prayed, and prayed.

God made a way, and our cross-country pioneering has been blessed.

Mum & Dad,

Welcome to your new HOME! Thank you for accepting my husband as your son, and being the champion cheerleaders for our daughters.

Our path has not been an easy one, and others have chosen to not walk it with us. Not you guys, you haven’t even blinked when things have gotten ROUGH.

“Normal” Grandparent duties don’t include sleeping in hospital waiting rooms, petsitting dogs for 2 months, or scrubbing in just to be able to touch your granddaughters at a guarded NICU.

From helping when therapy schedules conflict, to buying books to better understand our special needs world, you do it all with joy.

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