Easter: Looking Back and What’s to Come

Happy Easter, from our family to yours! This post is a brief review of where we were last Easter weekend, and a look at what’s to come. From being on the opposite end of the country, to MAJOR news dropping soon, we have a lot in store!

Easter 2018

Our family consisted of two infants and three dogs (crazy, I know). We lived in a small house in a suburb of Houston, Texas. We started our day with a trip to our amazing church.

Lani (left) and Libby (right) at 10 months old

We then celebrated with the twin’s grandparents (biological and adopted). I remember sitting around our table just listening to the shared laughter. I watched as Lani and Libby gleefully went from snuggling each of their grandparents. It was a crowded room, but nobody seemed to mind. This was a moment we had dreamed of while sitting in the isolation of the NICU.

It is precious memories like these that we took with us when we packed everything up and moved to Washington. We are so grateful for unforgettable moments, FaceTime, and future visits in the works!

What’s To Come

National Infertility Awareness week is April 21-27. Infertility is a HUGE part of our family’s story, which has been shared on EllenNation.
Since most of you are familiar with our background, I am having a wonderful guest writer on TWICE next week. That’s right, you have TWO posts coming your way!

You’ll get to hear from somone who is currently in the trenches of infertility. Claire, like many of you, doesn’t have her answers or a happy ending (yet.) If you’re looking for some raw honesty and encouragement, you won’t want to miss it!

We have some HUGE news to share with you all! I hope by now you can trust that I don’t throw that term around. After all, it was only a few monts ago you were hearing “Oh hey guys, we moved across the country. Surprise!

Do we sometimes keep things close to the vest? Yes. However, you all know that I am committed to living transparently. We do not just show calculated highlight reels on the GH. Who needs more fakeness on social media?

This piece of news will be well worth the wait, I promise! We are excited to share what our family has been up to with each of you!

Happy Easter

May you all enjoy time with your loved ones, and pause to reflect on the real Reason we celebrate. Hint: It’s not about a bunny!

By Ashleigh Jameson