TOP 10 items for 12-18 months

Hello Friends,

It’s that time again to review what items we have used most often from 12-18 months and what has survived TWO toddlers!

In case you missed it, here is our post on what we used for 0-12 months!
Top 10 Items for the First Year with Twins

How we review items:

  • What was used the most over the past 6 months: What showed up in our sink, our diaper bag, or the trunk of our car?
  • What stood the test of time: What wasn’t destroyed by being thrown, chewed on, etc.?
  • Why it was used: I don’t want to offer suggestions simply based on “cuteness” or what is “trending.” The GH review looks at what actually made our day easier, our routine run smoother, or brought joy to our lives.

What made the list:


Make My Day Bibs

These bibs get used 3-4 times a day, EVERY day. They have shown zero wear and tear, and my girls still get excited to wear them.


NUBY drinking cups
These are the perfect transition from a bottle, and they are super easy to clean! They have been dropped or thrown countless times. Unlike ALL the other cups we have tried, they don’t leak!



Double Foldable Stroller

The older the twins get, the more places we go! My twins are in that transition phase of “I want to walk” and “I am too tired, stroller please!” This lightweight stroller is perfect for us to have on hand. We have flown with it, and take it literally everywhere.
Double StrollerRadio Flyer Wagon

This was our girl’s first birthday present, and by far our favorite buy! We use our wagon daily during warmer seasons. Our wagon has been all over town, it is their favorite snack spot, and it is very lightweight/foldable. I just take it outside and hose it down whenever the toddlers do toddler things, and it looks like new!


Cuddle +  Kind

img_4739 (1)

If you haven’t heard of this company yet, CHECK THEM OUT. These dolls are not only precious, but they support a great cause. 

Stella & Aspen were a gift to us from one of the twin’s NICU nurses. They quickly became favorites!

For the record, I do not have any affiliate relationship with Cuddle + Kind, I am just a HUGE fan!

VAVA night light

This has been our top most used item from 0-18 months and counting.

I don’t know about you, but I need a nightlight that I can take anywhere. I only have to charge this once per week. From “find the hidden paci” games to changing a nighttime diaper, this light has been our “Ol’ Faithful.”


Playskool Explore & Grow Busy Gears

This toy has been played with nearly every day for 6 months. I have only had to change the batteries one time so far. This toy is one of the few that my toddlers will do together, without the typical learning to share “growing-pains.”



Melissa & Doug Painting Kit

These are the perfect balance of sensory play and mess free. Easy to use and easy to clean up. I use this when I do not have time to prepare an activity, or clean the whole house afterward.


Graco 4Ever  

Not only is this car seat amazing, easy to wash, and SAFE, but I got mine for 20% off! Target has trade-in events for when your littles are ready to move out of their newborn seats.


Target Trade-In Event

I picked this car seat after hours of researching safety ratings and sustainability. 9 months into them, and they still look like new. Well...right after I wash them that is! They currently have some cheerio crumbs on them, I’m sure.

SureGuard Mattress Encasement

This has been a such a great purchase for us. Our Libby is allergic to dust, and so we searched for a way to cut down on her exposure. Not only has this done that, but it has also survived the flu and several stomach bugs. It is super easy to clean and has zapped wheezing episodes.


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