CHRISTmas Traditions: The Least of These

Christmas is NEXT WEEK! I know the To-Do list is extra long, the Christmas parties are back-to-back, and you are all probably pretty exhausted.

Now, more than ever, is the time to pause.

What we fill our days with points to what Christmas is really about in our hearts.

Is Christmas about THINGS?  Is Christmas about PARTIES? Is Christmas about BUSY SCHEDULES, FAMILY-GUILT, or POSING FOR PICTURES?

Remember, little eyes are watching and learning. 

Do not forget to MAKE time to show your children WHO Christmas is really about.

We started a new holiday tradition with our twins this year: Loving the least of these.

Matthew 25:40 40“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Lani’s Choice: Angel Tree

Our twins cannot talk just yet, but they can communicate with us what they love. We tried to pick projects that best aligned with what our daughter’s are currently passionate about. Lani loves BOOKS!

Instead of picking a book out for herself, we let Lani pick one out for someone in need.

Libby’s Choice:  Cards & Blankets

Libby LOVES to snuggle stuffed animals or blankets. She also enjoys stickers! I decided to put those together and make cards and blankets.

I had them decorate the front of Christmas cards, and I wrote a little message on the inside for them.

We then ordered these blankets that are PERFECT for snow/rain protection.

Richard works downtown, and he frequently passes people that are homeless. He told me how cold they looked now that winter is upon us.

After doing some research, these blankets were the top choice. They are protective, but also compact and easy to carry or hide.

While doing this project, we explained to our girls WHY we were doing this and WHO we were serving.

Our Christmas budget is super tight this year, but instead of things we are giving them memories.

We want to gift them with the joy of loving others.
We want them to be grateful for the abundant blessings we already have.
We want them to experience Jesus.

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