What a Cross-Country Move Taught Me

Outside my window is a winter wonderland. Snow is covering the ground and resting on branches. Smoke from the neighbors chimney is bellowing up and fading among the trees covering the mountainous terrain.

The coffee is warm. The twins are sleeping, and the only noise filling the quiet house is the washer and dryer. I can feel myself finally begin to exhale.

So come join me for a cup of coffee, and let’s talk…

Moving our entire lives from Texas to Washington still feels like it was a dream. A busy, chaotic, gut-wrenching, beautiful, and terrifying dream. As I unpack mentally, I had some thoughts I wanted to share with you.

Moving across the country taught me some valuable lessons.

1. THINGS are replaceable. EXPERIENCES are not. 

Crate babes

To make our big move affordable, we sold most of our furniture and donated about 1/3 of our clothes and miscellaneous items. Everything else that was not an “Every-Day-Need-Item” has been packed in storage for over 4 months now. You know what? I don’t miss it.


I learned that my twin toddlers are just as happy with an empty box or a Tupperware lid as they are with all their noisy light-up toys. Plus, I have more TIME to give them because I have less to clean up.

Before a move you also try to fit in as much TIME with people as possible.  See the pattern here? Our last few weeks in Texas were booked full of wonderful visits with friends and family.

Grandpa & Grandmum time is always precious!

Things have never brought me the joy and comfort that experiences with loved ones have.

Give you and your loved ones the gift of your TIME this holiday season.

I promise, it will be far more meaningful than anything you can order online or grab at the store.

(Sorry Amazon, please don’t kick me off your Affiliate list!)

2. Ditch the Superman cape. Ask for HELP!

I used to be TERRIBLE at asking for help. My pride was so strong, and I thought handling things on my own was a sign of strength.

Not anymore. I learned from the school of “NICU-Hard-Knocks” that doing life by your “own bootstraps” is a recipe for failure.

It takes more strength and maturity to RECEIVE than it does to GIVE. 

When it came to our move, the best decision Richard and I made was to never turn away help.

For example, in our last 24 hours in Texas we:
-Closed on our house
-Packed everything we owned in a POD
-Packed both of our cars for a 4 day cross-country road-trip
-and…re-homed our warm-weather loving dog to some precious family members.

HOW? With SO much help!
-Our church-family helped us pack our POD.
-Our amazing realtor Joshua Want came to US. He happily dealt with our chaos while we signed closing papers at my parent’s kitchen table.
-My amazing friend Claire watched the twins for over 12 hours so I could focus on the move.

The old Sharon would have said “No, I can do it all.” This Sharon knew better and said “HELP!“. Praise God for that!

3. HOME is not a HOUSE

I haven’t had my own house since August. We moved out of our home to have the floors re-done and put it on the market. My parents graciously took us in on the Texas side of the move, and now we are staying with a good friend of ours while we look for our next “nest.”

There were moments that I felt very out of place. I was haunted by questions like
“Am I still fully a wife and a mom if I am not running my own household?” 

I felt myself waiting for life to “begin again,” as if the current season was a life on pause. 

It may seem silly, but nothing beats you faster than an attack on your identity.

I had a choice to make: sink into depression, or beg for God to help refocus my true identity. While I was praying one day, I heard the laughter of my two daughters and my husband coming from the other room. I couldn’t help but crack a smile, and as I took a deep breath it hit me.

You do not need a HOUSE to have a HOME.


I also realized something else, that leads me to my final point…

4. Seasons of Waiting for a Change are not “Life on Pause”

Do not miss out on the richness of life simply because you are waiting. Stop for a moment and think about how much of life is made up of seasons of waiting.

Waiting to hear back with your test results.Waiting for right job opportunity. Waiting to finish school. Waiting to become pregnant. Waiting for your marriage to feel right again. Waiting to lose that last 5lbs. Waiting for someone to accept you. Waiting for that memory to not hurt so much. Waiting for you kids (and YOU) to sleep through the night.

If you add all of your own examples together, that is a LOT of waiting.

If do not live our lives until we are done with our season waiting, then will never truly live at all. 

Thank you for having coffee with me, dear friends!

Please comment below or send us a message if you are struggling with a season of waiting. I would love to come alongside you in any way that I can.

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