Decorating with Toddler Elves: Teachable Tuesday

Happy Teachable Tuesday, Friends!

First, I want to extend a SUPER special THANK-YOU to Spencer at for taking over some of our latest Teachable Tuesdays. Isn’t she great!?

What a gift it was to be able to focus my energy on our move, while knowing you guys were in her very capable hands. Thank you, Spencer! 

Okay, back to crafting mode. This post will help answer a question I have wrestled with this season:

Well, here is one way!


What You Will Need:

How To:img_5047

This is so easy, but so fun!

  • Wrap your painting or wall hanging in wrapping paper.
  • Place on floor with a towel or blanket underneath. (Side-note: I did this to prevent damage to the painting WHEN my toddlers tried to put their whole body weight on it.)
  • Give them stickers (the sheet, or one at a time, depending on their skill level)
  • HAVE FUN and enjoy the added holiday cheer to your home!


Ways You Can Add to this Activity:

  • Print out scriptures and have them glue them on to the wrapping paper.
  • Add SOUNDS and SMELLS: Christmas music, Christmas candles, etc.


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