Our Cross Country Move (Part 1): An Ark with No Rain

This is the story about how we “built an ark” without any sign of rain.

You may be wondering why and how we moved completely across the country.  Yesterday was our last day living in Texas, and now our new home is Washington. The news may have seemed kind of sudden, but this has been a year-long process for us.

The Bible is FULL of examples of God promising something long before it actually happened.

Sometimes we are asked to be still and wait. Sometimes we are asked to take action in faith. All the time, we are asked to not lose hope.

  • December 2017: My husband and I both felt strongly that the Lord was calling us out of Texas. In our marriage, I am the gas pedal and he is the brakes. Whenever Richard says “Babe, let’s go,” I listen.  The job search began. 

Here is the crazy thing…we knew God said “GO” but we had no idea WHERE.

  • Job applications went out all over the U.S. and Canada.

Some times you just have to say “Yes,” even when you don’t know what the question is.

  • Job offers came and went, but they never seemed like THE opportunity God had called us to wait for.
  • June 2018: I started packing boxes. Not a bunch, just a few at a time.
  • July 2018: My husband and I really questioned “Did we hear God correctly?”  Doubts and depression started to creep into our conversations.  

God has been gracious enough to give us TWO embodiments of His long awaited promises.

We refused to lose hope, how could we? Looking into Lani & Libby’s faces every day was a reminder to us how all signs can point to NO, but Jesus isn’t concerned about closed doors. We prayerfully came to the decision that rather than waiting and being still, God was now calling us to TAKE ACTION IN FAITH.

We call this chapter “Building an Ark.”  I did a study of Genesis earlier this year and it really resonated with me that Noah began to build the ark LONG before the flood. He built an ark meant for WATER in a land that was totally DRY. No one even knew what rain was at the time. THAT is taking action in faith…and that is the kind of faith we asked God to give us.

Following the Gospel is countercultural. It often looks weird to others.

I distinctly remember a dear friend of mine walking into our house and seeing boxes stacked in a corner.

Friend: “Oh, goodness! When are you moving?”
Me: “I don’t know.”
Friend: “Well…where are you going to move?”
Me: “I don’t know.”
Friend: “Did Richard get a new job?”
Me: “Not yet…”
Friend: “Then why are you packing?:
Me: “God told us to build an ark.”

  • August 2018: We sold off all of our furniture. Packed our remaining stuff up in boxes, and put everything in storage. My parents graciously took us in so that we could get our house on the market without having to deal with the hassle of showings.

    My parents had front row seats to our infertility struggle and the girls’ NICU chapter…they have seen first hand how God fulfill’s His promises over and over.  They wanted to continue supporting us in our journey, as they always have.  Thank you, Mum and Dad!
  • September 2018: Richard began a seven interview long process for his new job. We didn’t know it yet, obviously, but we both had TOTAL peace about this opportunity for once.  Part of the process involved video interviews and eventually a trip to Washington!
  • November 2018:
    -Accept the new job.
    -Finish selling our home.
  • image
    -Book one-way tickets.
    -Buy the twins snow-suits.
    -Say our goodbyes.

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Adventure awaits…

After 16 years of living in Texas for me, and 24 years for my husband, we said goodbye.

God has called us to call the north our home. Hello, Washington. 

If God has promised you something, HE WILL FULFILL HIS PROMISE. Ask Him to show you whether you need to be still  or whether you need to take action.  There will be doubts, tears, frustrations, and times you just want to give up. Keep going, because He is faithful.

He who calls you is faithful; He will do it.
1 Thessalonians 5:24

I will write about the second half of our journey once it happens. We will be staying with a dear friend while we look for our new home. I will also offer tips and tricks for flying with TWO toddlers. Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions or leave a comment. Until then, check out our other family related posts below!

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