Fall Tree Fun

Happy Teachable Tuesday, Friends! I have another Fall inspired activity for you today.

This is very simple and easy to throw together. Perfect for a day when you do not have a lot of “prep time,” which is every day for this twin-mama!

What you will need:


How to prepare:

  • Draw an outline of a tree on the brown foam. Use a template if needed.
  • Cut out tree. You can make this as big or as small as you need!
    My twins did not feel well when I did this activity so  I made them each their own tree. At this age we like to work on sharing when they are NOT sick. 
  • Cut color foam into stripes and stack them. Cut out small leaf shapes from the stack to save time.
    (CAUTION: Keep in mind that this can be a choking hazard if you make the leaves too small.)
  • Tape contact paper to a window, wall, or any where that has plenty of space.
  • ADD ELEMENTS: Be creative! Use essential oil or a candle to bring in the smell of Fall. Play holiday songs to bring in the sound of Fall. We also used bubbles to talk about how leaves fall.

What we did:

Here are some ways to enhance this activity:

tree TT

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