The Pain of Motherhood

This post is for every Mother, because at some point your child will experience pain.

I have experienced a lot of physical and emotional pain in my life.

Half of my big toe has been removed and left as an open wound to heal.

I have had a drain inserted into my stomach without any numbing medication.

I also labored for an entire week without a working epidural.

Pain has been so intense, that doctors have had to knock me out just to buy time to come up with a game plan.

I really thought I had experienced it all…and then I became a Mom

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As a mom you are wired to protect your children, but you do not always get to be a shield or armor.

When suffering touches the little lives that are the echoes of your own heartbeat, it is inexplicably more painful than any other thing you will personally experience.

When your child is in pain

It is tempting to tell them “it is OK.” It isn’t. It hurts.

It is very hard to convey to a child, especially a younger child, that the pain they are experiencing is not a punishment and that it is *relatively* temporary. 

You somehow have to push your own inner turmoil aside, and become a presence of trust, calmness, and peace. 


  • Whenever possible, prepare your child for what is about to happen. Be honest, but do not be fearful.
  • Allow your child to respond to the pain they are in, and be mindful of how you console them. Try not to rush them through processing pain, it tends to actually prolong their experience.
  • Figure out what makes them feel the strongest, and then whisper those things into their ear. Sing a song, pray, or speak words of affirmation with a calm voice.

This is an important one…allow yourself time to process their pain. If possible, tag team with someone. Take turns being the anchor for your child. Use quick bathroom breaks to let out those tears or exhale. 

Remind them of Who loves them the MOST

The most peace I have ever experienced while my children have been in pain is through prayer.

Ask Jesus to show Himself to your child in that very moment.

Ask for your child to be given an image of exactly where Jesus is during your trial. Is He holding their hand, stroking their hair, or whispering to them softly?

I remind my children that while I may not be able to be with them always, or bear the burden of their pain for them, butthere is Someone who CAN and Who already HAS. 

Your children suffering pain is the highest level of pain you will experience.

The Pain of Motherhood Will Not Cripple You

Lean into this trial. Know that His strength shines brightest in your weakness. Rest in that truth. Exhale. This will be a powerful part of your family’s story.

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