Fall Sensory Fun: Teachable Tuesday

Sensory Boxes are super simple and easy, but also a great way to have loads of fun! I hope to give you some innovative ways to expand sensory box play, so keep reading even if you have done sensory boxes before! Side note: This is a great way to bring a little Fall to the season if you live in the south.

Sensory Boxes can include ANYTHING that is safe for your littles. You can use oils to add smells. You can use sand, oil, water, jello, or clay to add more sensory input. Make this activity unique to your little ones,  and pull as many textures in as you possibly can!

Here is what I used:

I used seasonal fillers and fake leaves. We would TOTALLY use actual leaves if Texas had real fall.





What we did:

  • We brought our box outside so we could also incorporate as many nature sounds into our play as possible.
  • We let the girls explore each item on their own, and then expanded on whatever they were showing interest in at that moment. Example: This is corn, corn is something you eat! Let’s see how bumpy corn feels! 
  • We explored shapes, textures, colors, and weights. We even enjoyed throwing leaves up into the air, or seeing how loud each item was when we dropped it into the box. Using items in comparison to each other is a good way to explore these concepts.
  • Incorporate pretend play when possible! Daddy is the best at pretend play, and he had these two laughing quite a bit!

Here are some more ways you can expand your sensory box fun:

Sensory Box

Be sure to post your photos of you and your little ones having some fall fun! Tag us or use #thegracehaven if you would like to be featured!

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