Mess-Free Pumpkin Painting

Fall is upon us. Everyone is decorating pumpkins and getting into the harvest spirit. I wanted to do something with my twins to celebrate, but I didn’t know how.

How do you decorate pumpkins when your children are too young to carve them and still put everything in their mouths? 

I present: MESS-FREE Pumpkin Painting!


What You Will Need:

How-To: DAY 1

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  • Give your children plenty of time to explore their pumpkins before you start.
  • Present two paint colors at a time and ask them to “Pick one.”
  • Show them the Tupperware container then ask them to place the pumpkin inside.
  • Sprinkle paint across the pumpkin in a criss-cross pattern.
  • Place lid on Tupperware securely and then give it to your child.
  • Tell them to “Shake it” for however long that keeps them amused.
  • Pull pumpkin out and let dry overnight.


  • Show your children the sticker options and let them pick their own.
  • Talk about the stickers and how they match to their own bodies (Example: “Look, those are eyes! Where are your eyes?”)
  • Peel the stickers for them if needed, or start to peel and ask them to finish pulling the stickers off.
  • Point to the general area the sticker should go and then let them put stickers on one at a time.
  • TA-DA, you have decorated pumpkins and zero mess!

Activity Enrichment

Mess-Free Pumpkin

Important Reminder:

Working on turn-taking wasn’t their favorite part of this activity. 

These are toddler activities, meaning you are dealing with TODDLERS. Sharing and listening to instructions may not be on the top of their “To-Do list.” That is OKAY! Embrace it, because “bad behavior” moments are actually the most important teachable moments. Use these activities to work through these difficult concepts in a fun way.

If you learn to laugh at yourself when things become a hot-mess, life becomes a whole lot easier.


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