Teachable Tuesday: Spider-Web Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to the first ever Teachable Tuesday!


Today’s activity kicks off our October series with a Spider-Web Pumpkin Patch! The original concept for this activity is from thetraindriverswife.com.


All you need is a laundry basket, harvest themed toys, and some yarn! String as much, or as little, yarn through the holes of your laundry basket using varying levels and angles.

I put mini-pumpkins and candy-corn toys in the bottom of their basket, and then my twins decided to add a few other items as well!

It really is quite simple but loads of fun!

Here are other skills areas you can focus on to expand this activity:

Skill Areas

Twin Highlight: 

Libby is a bit shorter than Lani, so she wasn’t able to reach one of the mini-pumpkins that she really wanted. Lani saw her struggling and tried to reach the pumpkin for her. When that failed, Lani climbed in the basket! She grabbed the pumpkin and then let Libby grab it from her! Talk about TEAM WORK!


I would love to see your littles having fun with this activity! Post your photos and tag us or #thegracehaven. You will find new activity ideas on our Toddler Activity Page every Tuesday!