Top 10 Items for the First Year with Twins

Deciding what to put on your baby registry is overwhelming. It seems like everyone has an opinion on everything, and then there are those who do not pay any attention to your registry anyways.. so as a new mom, I was left with a lot of things that went unused.

So, I decided to offer my suggestions retroactively based off of:

  • What was used the most over the past year : What showed up in my sink, our baby bag, the trunk of our car, or is in almost all my photos?
  • What stood the test of time: What wasn’t destroyed by drool, being thrown, chewed on, etc.?
  • Why it was used: I don’t want to offer suggestions simply based on “cuteness” or what is “trending,” but what actually made my day easier, our routine run smoother, or brought joy to our lives?

So here is my list, in no particular order, with some cute pictures of babies thrown in the mix!

  1. VAVA Night Light 
    I have used this so many times that we actually bought a second one! I never knew how much we would need a nightlight until we dealt with the nap time/nighttime feedings, diaper changes, or pacifier hunt. This light is touch controlled for both the light hue and brightness. It is portable, light, and safe for WHEN it accidentally ends up in the hands of your toddler. We also use it for story time, because it is perfect to illuminate pages while keeping the rest of the room dim.
  2. Pop N’ Play
    I have used this countless times for my girls, it makes traveling solo with them so easy!I can carry it on my shoulder, it assembles and cleans up easy (think fold-able chair,) and my girls love being in it! It also makes a great makeshift sleep area if we have guests over.
  3. Silicone Bibs

    -Deb Evans Photography-

    We have had the same pair of bibs for a year now and we LOVE them. They still look brand new, despite my twins trying to turn them into teething toys, and they wash super easy. This item is one we use multiple times a day, and I highly recommend it! We love them so much that they were a “must” for their 1-year photos!

  4. Boppy Newborn IMG_3053 My twins loved to snuggle and nap together, and the Newborn Boppy was a safe way to provide that comfort for them. Obviously, you want to supervise them at all times, but having 1-2 of these is great for naps, bottle feeds, and relaxing!
  5. Silicone Teether Pacifier Clip 
    IMG_3006My girls LOVED these! You can skip the silicone necklaces for Mom and use these instead. They hold their pacifier, are perfect for chewing, and they wash easily! My girls are wearing them in almost every single picture as infants. They also clip on well enough to survive the “twin test,” my girls liked to try and pull each other’s pacifiers off.
  6. Bin Toy Storage
    Daddy using bins to set up playtime!

    We have used this bin storage unit from day 1, and love how our use of it evolves as our girls grow. It used to house nursing items and burp clothes, and now it holds all of their toys. I love it because I can bring out one bin at a time, or create stations around the house. Clean up is easy, and rotating “toy stations” keeps them occupied while I finish dinner or do some laundry.

  7. Snuza Sleep Monitors
    We became parents in the NICU, so our babies were constantly hooked up to all sorts of monitors. We also witnessed both of our daughters slipping into deep sleeps (which results in SIDS) several times, and we had to stimulate them while their monitor alarms rang in our ears. Nine weeks later, we brought our babies home. We were terrified! The Snuza alarms are a more affordable, yet completely reliable, sleep monitor system. They are small clips that go on their diapers, and monitors their breathing based on abdominal moment. They blink green if respiration is at an appropriate rate. It brought me so much comfort to look over and see what I called my “fireflies” blinking to let me know my babies were okay. We used them for an entire year, and are so grateful for them!
  8. TwinGo Carrier
    IMG_1466This carrier combines and separates so I could carry both of my girls, or one at a time (while Daddy carried the other twin!)  Folds into a tiny portable bag, and has head covers if they are feeling drowsy or you need to block the sun. It is a bit more pricey, but no pricier than the cost of two separate carriers. I also learned how to put them in this carrier without assistance, so it was incredibly handy while I was out with them on my own.
  9. VAVA oil diffuser
    We run this every day in my daughters’ room. I typically use a sleep blend or immune boosting blend and we love it! This double locks so it is safe even if they knock it over. It can also function as a night light!
    *Note: Only use this when it is safe to diffuse oils around your child, and make sure the oils you’re using are also child safe*
  10. My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow
    This one is a bit emotional for me, but this was also a must have! I did not get to nurse my twins for the first 5 months, per specialist orders. They needed calories and iron supplement added to my breast milk, due to them both being underweight and anemic. I longed to still have the connection with them that can only come with nursing, and the Brest friend Twin Nursing Pillow helped me bridge that gap. I used it for both bottle feeds and for nursing them, once we were allowed. All 3 of us loved it! Cover is removable and washable, hallelujah!

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