Commitments: What to expect as a Reader

Intentionality is a central theme of this blog and of my life. I used to hunker down in my type A planning-obsessive personality, but becoming a twin mom has completely shredded those layers of myself. My spunky duo often tend to turn my plans into spontaneous adventures, so the only “fail-proof” plan I have made is to commit to being adaptable and intentional.

I know this blog will continue to evolve, because life is not stagnant and I want this blog to adapt to my reader’s needs. There are a few core concepts, however, that I commit to NOT changing or evolving.

    1. FAITH:
      I am currently staring at a sticky-note on my computer that says “Share Jesus more than you share yourself.” This sticky-note will remain (or be replaced when inevitably one of my toddlers finds it) because my first, and only, goal is to glorify God. I am completely imperfect and undeserving, but His grace has rescued and redeemed me. ALL are welcome here, and I want you to know that I refuse to isolate people based on religious or political standings. Just proceed knowing that you will tend to see the true Author through my authorship, because it really is not my story to begin with…it is all His and for Him. Also note: I will not respond to comments that are unrelated to my posts, and instead attempt to stir up strife based on religious or political differences.
      I have a NO-complaining policy. What we say about our children matters. No matter how young they are, they pick up on how we perceive them. This blog will simply not contain any venting or tearing down of my children’s character, both by myself or by any commentators. I will speak of their behavior anonymously when it directly applies to what I am writing about, but I will never tear them down to build myself up, or under the guise of venting. The same policy applies to my husband and my marriage. As a result, it may be tempting to think I have “perfect children” or “a perfect family,” and therefore discount my advice.  Sisters, please do not mistake my commitment to gratitude for perceived perfection. We have our blunders, our own ugliness, our full blown temper tantrums, the whole gamut. Do not fall into the comparison trap, that is the opposite of my intention!
    3. PRIVACY:
      Why do my daughters only go by their nicknames? Well, I want to share our story, but I also want to honor their privacy. Their generation is the first to grow up with their entire lives actively documented and broadcasted on social media. We have to stop and wonder, how will this turn out for them? I want to share our lives, but in a way that gives them some distance when they get older. I do not want people to Google their actual names and see their entire lives played out. If you know us personally, I kindly ask that you keep their actual names off of this platform, and any other social media.

Okay, we got the “rules” out of the way! I really hope you enjoy this blog and find the freedom to ask questions and share your own story.

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