Stop saying you will pray for me

After spending 15 years in the Bible belt, I have heard my fair share of “Prayin for ya.”
Don’t get me wrong, my faith is the most important part of my life. That statement though, which I used to habitually say, is cringeworthy to me now.
We all know SAYING and DOING are too separate things, and I think we can agree that this saying is now over said but under utilized.

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Countdown to Christmas with 7 Days of Gratitude: DAY 2

Plan A was hand written thank-you notes. We could not have made it through 2019 and my battle with HG without an army of helpers. Then real life happened, and we are all the way at Plan C: Public Thank Yous.

I hope you join me here as we countdown to Christmas by thanking all of you who have walked with us this year.

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When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work

I knew that some people struggle with breastfeeding and others choose not to breastfeed at all, it never even crossed my mind that it was something that I would have trouble with, and I had my heart set on a successful and stress-free breastfeeding journey with my son.

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My Dramatic Pregnancy by Kimberley

My story doesn’t end there though, my pregnancy was anything but easy.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I struggled a lot with perinatal depression.

I was too scared to become attached to the pregnancy for the fear of losing the baby. I was also incredibly sick.

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My story through infertility, IVF, pregnancy loss and an IVF miracle by Kimberley

7 egg collections, 11 embryo transfers, 2 ectopic pregnancies, but one miracle baby girl!

This is my journey through the ups and downs of infertility and IVF, including a dramatic pregnancy with 10 weeks of hospital bed rest!

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My Postpartum Story by Mariah

It all happened so fast.
Or did it?
There is a constant battle in my heart on whether or not this journey of mine could have been prevented – or in the very least could have been different.
Should I have been more prepared?
But can anyone prepare for something like this?
This journey through postpartum depression, my story, actually began far before I even realized it.

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Ellie’s Birth Story

October 10th 2019 was the day our Ellie decided to deliver herself. That’s right, you heard me. Our little girl made the most shockingly beautiful entrance into the world. After months of us fighting to stay alive through severe HG, Ellie basically said “I’ve got this, Mama.”

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Surviving Solo-Parenting

My husband travels a lot for work. He loves his job, even though it does require sacrifice.

We made the decision as a family that it was worth it. He is a VERY present father, so his absences do not outweigh the good times we share.

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28 Things I Took For Granted Before Living with Chronic Illness

Today is my 28th birthday. I do not get to celebrate with cake, or even water. I have choices to actively make: to either feel sorry for myself,or to spread gratitude.
Rather than focusing on everything that I am missing, I want to help spread JOY.

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I Should Not Still Be Here

I have been watching myself die slowly for months, but last week, death almost won.

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Why Suicide is not Selfish

WARNING: This post discusses topics that are not suitable for all ages. This post may also be triggering. Please proceed with caution. Before you hear me wrong, suicide is not the answer. EVER. If you are struggling, please call the National Suicide Prevention line available 24 hours a day. 1-800-273-8255 I used to think suicide…

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Documenting WITHOUT Social Media

If you are in my generation, we have the first group of children to have their ENTIRE lives documented on social media. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it is important to look ahead.

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