I Should Not Still Be Here

I have been watching myself die slowly for months, but last week, death almost won.

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Why Suicide is not Selfish

WARNING: This post discusses topics that are not suitable for all ages. This post may also be triggering. Please proceed with caution. Before you hear me wrong, suicide is not the answer. EVER. If you are struggling, please call the National Suicide Prevention line available 24 hours a day. 1-800-273-8255 I used to think suicide…

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Documenting WITHOUT Social Media

If you are in my generation, we have the first group of children to have their ENTIRE lives documented on social media. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it is important to look ahead.

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Potty Training: Focus on the Child not the Method

I used to potty train clinically. So, when it came time to training my own daughter, I thought I had it in the bag.


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A collective letter from Special Needs Mamas

All of our journeys look different, but the heart behind them is the same. We dearly love a child who cannot always communicate their love in return. A child that has to work harder than most other children. A child that flipped our entire world upside down, and changed us for the better.

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Surviving Toddlers ON THE GO

Welcome to a fun twist on our typical product review posts. I realized something as I was looking back at what items we have used with our two year old twins. EVERY item used the most in the past six months involved being on the GO. How perfectly fitting for toddlerhood, right? I am outnumbered…

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5 Myths about Blogging

The Grace Haven has been up and running for one year! This has been a HUGE learning process for me. I went into this business with a lot of ideas, many of which were WRONG.

Let me address 5 misconceptions about running a website.

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Hyperemesis: A longer word for Torture

Imagine always being hungry, but eating literally anything makes your body sick.
Picture thirsting for water constantly, but even water sends you running for the toilet.
You are supposed to be glowing and showing off your cute pregnant belly, instead you’re watching the bones in your chest pop through as your body is wasting away.
If you are easily squeamish, this post is not for you strong. I cannot share about my daily reality in an honest way, without talking about things that are normally taboo.

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The Stone Twins turn TWO

Yesterday we celebrated two whole years with our darling daughters. Birthdays are great for so many reasons, one of them being a time of reflection.

Parenthood has a way of messing with our sense of time. The nights of broken sleep seem endless. The hours of feeling relentlessly needed seem like slow ships passing by. Yet, we blink and a year has passed.

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WARNING: Do Not Skim Read This

Fight the temptation to skim this article. I will try to keep this short, I promise. Have you ever stopped to notice how often you skim read? I have, and it scares me.

Skim reading used to be a, something that helped us search for information and learn faster. Today, skim reading tends to be our go-to

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